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We work closely with architects to design the best structural solutions, working to overcome potential issues. We support architects to achieve efficient structural solutions to provide the desired aesthetic and design for their projects. Having a close relationship with the contractors we are able to discuss the best scheme that is the most durable and cost effective.  

Based on our experience and our collaboration at the early stages of a project we are able to minimise and for see the problems that may develop. The structural strategies are implemented early on before pre planning stages.

We work in an open collaborative design environment appreciating everyone in the team’s knowledge and experience.

We benefit from using modern solutions such as materials, structural detail applications and efficient answers, provided by the industry.  


Pawel has 17 years’ experience in structural engineering. Pawel has been involved in many sectors of the industry, working on different scales of residential, commercial, industrial and education projects in both private and public sectors. He is heavily involved in projects from conception to completion as well as mentoring the younger engineers in their career progression.

Pawel worked in Poland managing large construction sites. He managed the technical aspects of the construction sites and arising problems during the construction period to ensure the project met its deadlines and budgets. Pawel project managed the building of a fly ash recycling plant unique plant in energy sector.

Pawel managed the refurbishment of historical buildings in Poland that were financed by the European union, renovating the period building into modern social housing, to optimise financial resources and existing structures.  

Pawel worked for a large consultancy in the UK working on large commercial developments in Bury St Edmonds designing schemes from different materials and construction types.

Having worked on residential projects for many years now in London, Pawel is continuing his career as the Chief Engineer at ATLAS Structures.