Atlas Structures is a London-based structural engineering practice which provides a comprehensive and responsive service to our clients. We collaborate with other consultants such as architects, contractors, designers and specialist suppliers, to develop appropriate and efficient solutions for all stages of a project.

The consultancy is growing rapidly. At ATLAS Structures we pride ourselves on our strong and well maintained relations with Architects, Developers, Builders and Specialist Suppliers. We have an established position in the construction industry and constant exchange of information help us to provide professional service to clients. We have an ongoing relationship with developers in the South-West London and are very proud of our constant referrals from previous clients to new projects and opportunities. 

The main areas of specialisation are residential, commercial and temporary works design.


-Loft Conversions




-Internal remodelling

-Structural alterations

-Spatial development

Temporary works:

-Designing safe ways of construction works.

-Propose efficient solutions for building.

-Consider various s with contractors.